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Quru 4.10.2018 22:00 7 min read

Are we ready for AI and Consulting robots?

How humans and machines have and will work together? It is in the thoughts of many of us. ...
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Quru 8.5.2018 14:49 8 min read

Counting down to GDPR

GDPR will likely have long-lasting consequences to anybody doing digital marketing.
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Quru 3.4.2018 21:39 13 min read

The Data Files, GDPR, Privacy and Tracking

Privacy, tracking, data protection, the GDPR, ePrivacy, wiki leaks, whistle blowers, ...
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Quru 30.1.2018 11:45 3 min read

Media Mäessä 2018, Data Meets Creativity

Off to Tahko. Apparently its cold up there!
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Quru 9.1.2018 16:06 5 min read

It’s all about customer service, customer service, and customer service.

“Can you write about the benefits of Quru and Super Analytics merger?” The question is ...
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Quru 2.1.2018 17:39 2 min read

SEK acquires Super Analytics, Super Analytics will become part of Quru

Quru, the digital analytics agency of marketing agency SEK and one of the leading Google ...
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Quru 26.6.2017 19:25 4 min read

Demographic Segmentation – Men Versus Women

Demographic Segmentation is often used in all forms of direct marketing when the marketer ...
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Quru 16.9.2015 16:29 1 min read

Dimension deprecation in Google Analytics

Every now and again, Google deprecates certain metrics and dimensions from within Google ...
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Quru 22.5.2015 14:35 1 min read

Set Monday to Sunday weeks in Google Analytics

If you pull data or produce reports from Google Analytics there’s something you should ...
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Quru 23.2.2015 13:57 2 min read

Increasing the memory allocation in Screaming Frog

Even the best tools can run in to problems when crawling large sites. Vivek has a great ...
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