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Social media advertising

Social media is an efficient channel for reaching customers

Social media advertising does not need to mean sponsoring individual posts here and there and using random targeting. At their best, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads reach the desired users at the various stages of their buyer journey. Users see customised content containing text and visual elements depending on their existing relationship to your company. 
The price of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads can be adjusted to your companys advertising resources. You can allocate just the amount you have available for social media advertising. The precise targeting options available make this type of advertising very cost-effective. You should adjust your budget for sponsored advertising to the size of the target group and your objectives. 

Effective social media advertising allows us to: 

  • raise peoples awareness of your companys products and services; 
  • increase the number of leads; 
  • increase sales; and 
  • improve customer experience. 

Targeted advertising can use data on:

  • demographics; 
  • topics of interest; 
  • online behaviour (remarketing); 
  • purchase history; 
  • lookalike audiences; and 
  • prior engagement with published content (likes, reactions, comments, shares, views of videos, etc.). 








Other SoMe




In Finland, Facebook has nearly three million users. Such a large number of users makes complex and cost-effective targeting possible.  

Paid Facebook ads are placed using the same tools as Instagram ads. If you are approaching advertising systematically, we strongly recommend that you make the conversion path the cornerstone of all of your advertising. The most effective use of Facebooks numerous advertising features and formats is to present a targeted and appropriate message to the user at the right stage of the sales funnel.

Using a targeted message for a specific target group significantly increases engagement with the ad and increases direct sales at the end of the funnel. A well-targeted message lowers the price of Facebook advertising as there will be fewer wasted displays and you are not spending your advertising budget on an uninterested audience. 

Facebook ads are best suited for:

  • reaching a large target audience; 
  • B2C or B2B advertising; 
  • finding new leads; 
  • increasing sales; and 
  • developing customer communications. 


Instagram is used to build brands, create images and increase interaction with customers. Paid Instagram ads are placed using the same tools as Facebook ads, which means that many advertising features are the same on both platforms. A well-planned advertising management account is part of the sales funnel approach which allows you to reach users at the right stage of the conversion path. Instagram as a channel is very visual and, to get the best out of this channel, you must invest in systematic and high-quality content production. Eye-catching and engaging content attracts the attention of the user and also affects organic visibility. 

It is possible to increase sales through Instagram advertising. The platform enables a whole range of ad formats such as story, image, video, carousel and collection. When implemented correctly, each one of these is capable of increasing sales. If you are a company selling products, setting up an Instagram shop enables you to sell products directly online on Instagrams own platform, or you can tag products on your images/videos and link them to that particular product in your online shop. 

As part of your social media strategy, Instagram is best used for:

  • improving brand recognition; 
  • precise targeting; 
  • improving customer satisfaction; 
  • increasing organic visibility; and 
  • influencer marketing. 


Although the number of LinkedIn users in Finland is still low compared to figures internationally, the number of users is growing in different sectors. LinkedIn is a professional social media networking platform with strengths in B2B marketing and recruitment. A well-constructed and updated business profile has an indisputable role in building a brand image, especially if your company operates in the international market.   

Is advertising on LinkedIn expensive? 

Sure, if you compare it with Google Ads or Facebook. Although the cost per click is often more expensive on LinkedIn than on other channels, LinkedIn provides a much better focus on those people who matter to you and allows you to reach them at different stages of the purchase process. LinkedIn is also at its best when it is part of a well-planned digital marketing strategy. 

What are the benefits of LinkedIn advertising? 

  • Precise targeting based on role, title, company or industry. 
  • A variety of ad formats, from sponsored content to displays and tailored direct messages. 
  • Accurate and extensive data on campaign performance. 
  • Depending on your target group and message, you can reach potential customers at different stages of the purchase process by increasing peoples awareness of your company, increasing the number of considering customers and producing direct conversions. 

Other social media

We can also help you to advertise on other social media channels such as Twitter, Messenger and TikTok. Twitter is the right choice when you want to spark up a conversation and be visible among trendsetters. On Twitter, you can use different forms of advertising (e.g. promote tweets or place videos or carousel ads) and target your audience by using different demographic and audience data. 

TikTok allows you to reach young target audiences while Messenger can be used to communicate with your potential customers. 

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