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Display and video

Display and video advertising can be used to increase brand recognition among the right target group

Display advertising and video marketing are excellent ways to raise awareness of your company and brand among the selected target group. Display and video advertising allows you to reach your target audience through the channels and media they normally use across the Internet, and you will be able to target the right audience based on set criteria. Display and video advertising can be done through various networks.  

Display and video advertising allows you to: 

  • increase brand recognition among your target groups; 
  • reach your target groups in a media environment familiar to them; and 
  • advertise through various networks in a cost-effective way. 


Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising allows you to place Display ads easily and cost-effectively across the Internet without having to engage with a media vendor. You can advertise on a large number of popular websites and in web magazines by participating in real-time bidding (RTB). Website visitor segmentation and accurate targeting play a very important role in effective programmatic advertising.  
Budget management is also easier compared to when you buy a big campaign from a media vendor. With our help, you can reach your desired target groups effectively through the right media using programmatic buying methods. 

Google Display Network

Google Display advertising allows you to reach your target groups and raise awareness of your company through Google Display Network. With Google Display Network, you can use topic, demographic or placement targeting. The use of compelling Display ads and Googles targeting options allows us to reach the potential customer at the right time and in the right location. 
Remarketing in Googles network is another good option: it enables you to reach people who have visited your website or been in contact with your company. 


YouTube advertising allows you to reach your target groups when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. Advertising on YouTube is highly cost-effective: you only pay when the user looks at your ad for at least 30 seconds or clicks on your ad. 

We will help you choose the right campaign settings for video ads according to your objectives, making your ads as visible as possible to potential customers. 

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