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Quru30.1.2018 11:452 min read

Media Mäessä 2018, Data Meets Creativity

Off to Tahko. Apparently its cold up there!

Quru are speaking bout how data meets creativity at the Media Mäessä 2018 event in Tahko (northern Finland) on Friday 2nd Feb 2018.

I’ll be talking about how the advertising industry is changing and how the creative director is powering what we do in Quru.

Firstly I’ll talk about how Quru has changed (for the better I think) because of working more closely with SEK. I’ll demonstrate this through a social media study and describe how media impacts the public conversation on social medias. The problem with doing a study like that is its backward looking, takes a long time to produce and does not scale. Quru are therefore looking at machine learning, AI and other methods to improve how we help creative teams and customers.

I also believe data and creativity go hand in hand but a lot of the work done in the creative sphere is now based on data rather than using it as a trigger for creativity. What this can lead to is bland work where we optimise based on the creative that works (in a given situation) rather than thinking about something new based on connecting the dots.

Optimisation is what we do in Quru, but it’s usually on very tactical stuff not optimising the creative teams ideas which is where it can all go horribly wrong. Data is an ingredient, it’s the hop in the beer, the sugar in the cake, the sauce in the bolognese, but it shouldn’t be about how you sell the IPA, the Pulla or the presentation of the meal. That is all about developing the brand of the product. Finding what’s unique about the case is where data can help, the idea is all about the creative use of our ingredients and as analysts we should respect that.

The synopsis of the case is below;

The advertising industry is changing. 20 years ago it was enough to just have a good idea and get it out there. Now budgets are shifting, media is more important than ever before and machine learning is changing what’s possible. The talk will show how the media can impact public opinion through a study done in earlier last year and how the creative director is powering the AI of the future.

If you’re at the event it would be great to see you there. If you want to book the talk again please do so by emailing me directly in the links on my bio.