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Search engine marketing (SEM)

More effective advertising and improved website visibility through search engine marketing

The majority of online purchases start with a search engine which is why ensuring good website visibility in the search engine is vital for your sales. Our effective search engine strategy helps you to make the most of your paid and organic visibility on Google and Bing.  

Before creating an effective search engine strategy, we will analyse how your website, products and services perform in search engine rankings, whether your advertising on Google is effective and, above all, how we can improve your search engine visibility. We will create a clear plan for you on how to use your organic search engine visibility (SEO visibility) and paid search engine marketing (SEM) to achieve the best overall search engine visibility. 

We will develop your organic and paid search engine visibility hand in hand as a search engine optimised website improves the efficacy of advertising and efficient advertising improves organic visibility. 

Lets work together to create effective search engine marketing! Lets talk! 

Five reasons to use search engine marketing:

1. Search engines are the best way to reach your potential customers.  
- Up to 50–70% of your web traffic comes from search engines. 

2. Search engines have become an integral part of our everyday lives.
- Each of us makes an average of 3 to 4 search engine searches per day.
3. Search engines have a great impact on our purchase decisions.
- Information on products and services is searched before online or offline purchases and also during the purchase process.
4. Search engines have great potential to increase sales (and to decrease sales if they are not effectively used).
- The first five unpaid results on the search results page get two thirds of all clicks.
5. Search engines make us better decision-makers.
- Search engines and search trends have proven to be reliable in predicting future trends.

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Search engine advertising (SEA)

Search advertising refers to click-based paid visibility on Google or other search engines, which is built around keywords relevant to your business. This way you can reach your potential customers just when they are ready to hear about your products or services. 


Discovery ads, Shopping ads and Display ads are an excellent way to expand your Google search advertising, allowing you to reach your potential customers even earlier on their buyer journey. 

We will determine targets and methods for search advertising that meets your needs so that you can reach your customers efficiently at all stages of their buyer journey. 

Discovery Ads

 Google Discovery Ads is one of Googles latest products launched for the Finnish market. Discovery advertising is more visual than traditional search advertising as the ads also include images. You can see these ads on Gmail, YouTube and Google Discovery. 


 As Discovery advertising targets particular audiences, it is an excellent tool for reaching new potential customers who are still in the early stages of their buyer journey. The effectiveness of the Discovery Ads format is based on identifying users needs and interests in their search behaviour and then placing advertising in environments where it is not expected. 

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads is a format that you may encounter on Googles search results page or under Google Shopping. This is a feed-based advertising channel which means that the format can be used by e-commerce advertisers.  

With Shopping Ads, you can effectively respond to users searches with relevant products and display your product range in a visual format. 

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