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Improve your digital skills

As digital channels rise to the forefront of business, your teams’ daily work will increasingly involve the constant monitoring of online shops or websites, improving the efficiency of marketing and identifying potential customers in digital channels. This also highlights the importance of developing in-house digital competencies. 


Our experienced instructors will train your people in the theory and practice of web analytics, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and social media tools. We always tailor our hands-on training courses to the needs and prior expertise of our clients. Most exercises and assignments are done with the participants’ own tools and data sources.

Our trainings will help you answer the following questions:

  • How is my website or online shop performing? How could I get a better picture of the site's functionality with web analytics and analytics tools?
  • How could I use data in marketing? How could I keep track of the results of marketing measures with analytics tools and use the results in planning our marketing?
  • How should content creators take search engine optimisation into account? How could we produce search-engine-friendly content to guarantee optimal organic search engine visibility?
  • How could we plan, implement, optimise and analyse our in-house search engine marketing?


GAIQ training


GA training


SEO training





GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) certification training

Do you want to learn how to make better use of Google Analytics in your work and earn the most widely known web analytics certificate, the GAIQ certificate?  

During Qurus intensive one-day GAIQ training course, you will learn, through practical exercises, the most important functionalities of Google Analytics and how the tool can be used for monitoring and developing websites and marketing.  

Your GAIQ certification will demonstrate your web analytics skills to potential employers and customers. The GAIQ certification training is particularly suitable for anyone taking their first steps in using analytics or those who use analytics occasionally. 

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics training

In order to capitalise on all of the business benefits available from data and web analytics, the most important thing is to understand how the main web analytics tools work and how you can make the most of them.   

Our basic level training course starts with the basics of web analytics i.e. how the various tools work and collect data.   

The advanced and themed training courses cover analytics related to marketing and campaigns, e-commerce and content creation. You will also learn how to visualise data and create dashboards in Google Data Studio as well as manage tags using the tag manager. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) training for content creators

In our search engine optimisation training course for content creators, you will learn how to produce SEO optimised content for your website so that your website serves both your existing and new customers and ensures organic search engine visibility.  

The course covers the most important elements of a website from the copy to images and their roles in search engine optimisation.  

Moreover, we will provide you with a comprehensive package of training material that you can use later on when updating the content of your website. Our SEO course for content creators is particularly suited for developing the skills of company content creators and for supporting the planning of new content for your website. 

Search engine marketing (SEM) training

During our SEM course you will learn why search engine marketing is important and how it can be done as efficiently as possible.  

Our SEM course covers advertising on Google Ads and can focus either on search or display ads or both depending on your needs. 

After completing our search advertising training, you will be able to create an effective campaign structure, you will master the basics of keyword research and you will be able to write compelling ads.  

The display advertising training covers display advertising on Google, video advertising on YouTube and remarketing. 

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