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Marketing automation

Marketing automation is used to enhance teamwork between sales and marketing

Marketing automation is an effective way to enhance co-operation between sales and marketing and to make use of inbound marketing methods. Marketing automation means the continuous automation and enhancement of marketing activities with software designed for this purpose, such as HubSpot, Marketo, Custobar or Pardot. As a rule, you should extend marketing automation to sales and services operations in order to get the most out of the approach. For example, HubSpots Sales Hub gives you access to CRM. 

In a wider sense, digitalisation of marketing also means a change in the way we think about marketing as part of all company processes. It is more than a technology project. Using marketing automation requires you to create content and build the automation. It will not do the marketing for you, but it allows you to scale your efforts efficiently.  Read more about the benefits of marketing automation. 


A marketing automation system allows you to: 
  • categorise and rate leads;  
  • send automated and customised emails to different segments; 
  • use targeting at a particular stage of your leads journey or based on set criteria; 
  • create automated tasks and reminders; 
  • make use of forms and other methods of generating leads; and  
  • monitor sales and marketing through reports. 


Quru is an official HubSpot Partner. 

Benefits of marketing automation:

  • introduction of inbound methodology across the entire organisation
  • facilitation and automation of targeted and customised marketing and sales throughout the sales funnel
  • genuine dialogue between sales, marketing and customer services;

  • improved customer experience
  • transparency regarding the true advertising ROI from ad to purchase and even to Customer Lifecycle Value
  • generation of ready-to-sell leads for the sales team and increase in sales.

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