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Quru22.5.2015 14:351 min read

Set Monday to Sunday weeks in Google Analytics

If you pull data or produce reports from Google Analytics there’s something you should know about how it reports weekly data. Mira is going to tell us about it, as well as how you can fix it.

“A lot of people who use Google Analytics don’t realise that the weeks are automatically set to run and be reported on as Sunday to Saturday.

A lot of countries around the world don’t actually use this way or recording weeks, and use Monday to Sunday – starting with the first working day of the week.

If you pull data and reports from GA, you can of course select your own date range, but if you rely on a larger set of data, say monthly for example, but then broken down in to weeks, GA will always show that data as Sunday to Saturday.

But, there is a ‘fix’ for this. You’ll need to set up your own custom report via the Customization option at the top of the GA screen. Create your customer report with the required metrics etc. and then select + add dimension. From the dropdown search for, and add ISO Week of the Year.

Now when you create the report, the weekly data will be sorted to read as running from Monday to Sunday. While your data is now sorted correctly, bear in mind that the graph shown at the top of the page will still show the weeks beginning on Sundays and this cannot be changed.”