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“Write like it matters, and it will.” – Libba Bray

Quru20.4.2022 16:303 min read

Google Analytics Universal Analytics sees sunset in 2023

On March 16, 2022, Google announced that the free version of Google Analytics Universal ...
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Quru20.12.2021 16:02< 1 min read

How can you use Google Analytics 4 to gain benefits and insights for your business? From Data with Love webinar with Google coming in March 2022

2022 is shaping up as The Cross Over year for many companies that work with digital ...
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Jaana Moilanen5.11.2021 13:554 min read

Data Innovation Summit 2021 - Quru’s Top Picks

Quru attended the Data Innovation Summit in October 2021. The event provided two days ...
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Fanny Le Béguec1.9.2021 10:035 min read

What is Google Signals and what benefits does it offer to marketers?

What is it? First announced in July 2018, Google signals is the name given to the Google ...
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Kalle Heinonen23.8.2021 13:024 min read

Score-based sales helps you focus your B2B sales efforts and remarketing

If you are working with B2B sales you have more than once in a quarter stumbled upon the ...
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Quru18.8.2021 16:071 min read

Quru participates in SHIFT Business Festival 25.-26.8.2021

SHIFT Business Festival
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Quru1.7.2021 11:2719 min read

The Ultimate Glossary of Web Analytics

Lost in the jungle of sessions, conversions, and events? As the terminology in web ...
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Fanny Le Béguec18.2.2021 8:562 min read

Google Consent Mode: should you use it or not?

On September 3 2020, Google launched the Google Consent Mode as response to European ...
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Quru12.11.2020 14:251 min read

Want to be our new Technical Web Analyst?

Quru is one of the most experienced analytics agencies in Finland, pioneering in web ...
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Essi Schrey7.10.2020 13:412 min read

How my experience was as a Quru’s Digital Marketing Intern? – Essi Schrey

My name is Essi Schrey and I’ve been working as a digital marketing intern at Quru during ...
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