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Analyses and insights

Customer insight as the cornerstone of modern marketing and business development

Understanding your customers’ actions and behaviour in digital channels can support your development in other channels as well. Getting the best results and insights often requires a combination of various data sources and analysis methods, such as web analytics, social media analytics, search engine behaviour data, online user surveys, heuristic usability estimates and/or clickmap and heatmap tools.  

Website user data also provides a valuable foundation for customer segmentation, understanding customer paths, or the development of content marketing. User data from digital channels can be enriched by combining it with CRM data, brick-and-mortar sales data or other third-party data, giving even more comprehensive insight into your customer base. 

We can help you with questions such as: 

  • Why are my online shop customers abandoning their purchases? Why are visitors browsing product pages but not making purchases? 
  • What do website visitors do in our brick-and-mortar stores? 
  • Why are users leaving a campaign’s landing page immediately? 
  • What customer segments can we identify on our website? 
  • What are the most typical user paths leading to conversion? 


Current state analysis

Current state analysis uses various data sources and points of view to study how a website functions from the perspective of the user or a specific user persona


Interested in current state analysis?


Where does the site do well, and where is it less successful? A current state analysis is frequently used as the basis for conversion rate optimisation and an A/B testing roadmap.

Bottleneck analysis

Bottleneck analysis focuses specifically on the functionality of each step in the site's principal conversion or purchase funnel. What works in the funnel, and where do users drop out of the funnel and leave the site? Why?

Interested in bottleneck analysis?


Pullonkaula-analyysissa hyödynnetään tavallisesti web-analytiikan rinnalla esimerkiksi heatmap- ja clickmap -työkaluja, ja joskus myös funnelin kesken jättäville suunnattuja kävijäkyselyitä.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation can help you define different customer categories so that you can address relevant messages to them, design appropriate content, and develop your service and offering to better meet their needs.

Did you get interested in customer segmentation?



Customer segmentation will answer these questions:

  • Who visit your site and what are its most typical visitor segments?
  • What content do random visitors view, and what are your most loyal customers doing on the website?
  • Do the website's visitor segments correspond to your business and marketing segmentation?

Shopping basket analysis

Shopping basket analysis helps you understand what products, services or product categories are typically purchased together. Shopping baskets can be studied at the level of individual transactions, i.e. what customers typically buy in one purchase. 


Interested in shopping basket analysis?


We can also look at shopping baskets at the customer level, focusing on what kinds of products or service combinations different customer groups have bought on different occasions in a certain period. The results of a market basket analysis can be used to develop your online shop targeting and marketing efforts.

Customer path analysis

Customer path analysis helps you gain more in-depth insights into various paths leading to conversion or purchase, as well as into the conversion impact of the traffic sources, marketing measures or content involved in the path. These insights are essential for the development and optimisation of marketing.


Interested in customer path analysis? 


Customer path analysis can answer the following questions: 

  • What pages and content on your site are accessed more often than others on visits that lead to conversion?
  • What roles do product pages, blog content or product reviews have in conversion?
  • What are the roles of the various traffic sources on the conversion path?
  • What are your most typical conversion paths actually like?

Online brand analysis

Your customers can tell you a lot about your brand. But these important stories and messages often remain unheard, and the valuable data unused. We can help you hear what your customers have to say! 

Interested in online brand analysis? 


We can gather an enormous amount of open textual data for you with our brand analysis tool. We will then employ our language processing algorithm to compile 3–5 key things that people are saying about your company, services or brand. By combining these customer messages with marketing analytics and CRM, we can establish how your customers’ opinions affect your business. 

Online customer surveys

Online customer surveys increase your understanding of who your site’s visitors are, why they came and whether or not they found what they were looking for. Surveys often collect general feedback on your site's user experience and gather suggestions for improvements from users.

Interested in online customer surveys?


However, an online survey can also be focused on groups such as customers who drop out of the purchase funnel or perform a certain action / make a purchase to provide information on reasons for interrupting purchases or shed light on factors that influence purchase decisions.

Attribution modelling

Attribution modelling is used to identify and rank the roles that different channels in the purchase path play in purchases or conversion.


Interested in attribution modelling?


In practice, attribution modelling seeks to find out what ads or content users have seen or clicked on their purchase path and how various marketing measures have influenced their purchase decisions.

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