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Quru9.1.2018 16:063 min read

It’s all about customer service, customer service, and customer service.

“Can you write about the benefits of Quru and Super Analytics merger?” The question is easy and the answer is easy from technology and business perspective. The hard part is that I wanted to write about this merger from the customer’s perspective. I must say I really struggled to pull off this blog until I realized that the true winners coming out of the Super Analytics and Quru working together are our customers. Why and how could our customers benefit the most from the merge of the two best web analytics teams in Finland? Simple answer is ”customer service”.

“ Simply answer is “customer service”.
The more complicated answer follows.

April showers, bring may flowers – Hyvää kannattaa odottaa…

In our industry the projects and retainer programs are almost always longer than 12 months. The reason behind this is that the good results require proper ground work. Choose ab testing, analytics implementation or digital marketing optimization program and you will see that they’ll tend to take easily 3 months just to get the data and history in for marketing optimisation or requirements fully mapped and project scoped for actual Analytics or Target implementation.

Within the first 6 months the relationship between the customer and the agency will be built. The word relationship is important here. It means that we both know and value our ways of working and our rules, guidelines and goals. We start to learn the processes and the ways of really helping our customer’s daily life. By the time we have learnt not just to understand the customer’s motivation and drive but also to deliver the value that helps their daily life, we have reached a relationship that delivers excellent customer experience. In our industry the customer experience typically materializes to few best men or women in the company instead of the company. We are in the people business.

“ Our people deliver the customer experience, not the technologies.

Technologies enable and our team ensures.

At first I thought I’d be writing more about the marketing concepts like Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Testing & Targeting. Then I moved into thinking about writing about the tech stacks we both can provide like Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google 360, but I realised that this is not the big picture of the value our customers get. It is the combination of having the same team, the same people you have trusted over the course of past years now being able to ensure the utilisation of more wider range marketing technologies and methodologies. By doing so, being able prolong and strengthen the relationship. That’s what really matters.

In any supplier-customer relationship there might occur challenges with invoicing, project management or communication to name few. The aforementioned are all easily fixed with good customer service, but if there were any showstopper challenges with tech stack or mandate from the top to purchase GA 360 over Adobe as an example, then you as a customer would have much more complex case at your hand if you didn’t have the best of both worlds.

Now you don’t have to leave your favourite account manager, project manager or consultant just because the other company offers better range of services around Adobe Marketing Cloud or GA 360. Now you will have them both in one bigger team.

Handpicking the best fruits and stamping them with the sticker

What will happen next? What is coming up will blow your mind. The teams at Quru and Super Analytics will look into the best of both worlds and merge them into superior service packages. Just like in fruit farms the quality fruits are handpicked and stamped for premium value. Our focus will be in delivering even more value from data for your customers. We will also take worst of both worlds and learn how to improve our weaknesses for delivering even better customer service because in the end, it’s all about customer service and improving customer experience.