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Web Analytics

Harness web analytics to support business and marketing development

Web analytics play a central role in measuring the results of marketing measures, tracking the achievement of your website’s targets and improving customer insight. To be useful, web analytics must be planned carefully grounded in your business goals.

 We can help you create a tailored KPI and metrics plan in a workshop facilitated by Quru, so that you can leverage web analytics to fulfil the needs of your organisation. The plan forms the basis for data visualisation, dashboards and the technical implementation of metrics.

The meticulous technical implementation of metrics ensures that your decisions are based on the right results and right data. At the same time,  you need easy-to-use and intelligible data visualisations and dashboards to keep track of results and make truly data-driven decisions.

We can help you with all cases and needs involving web analytics, such as:

  • charting the required metrics for web analytics;
  • designing your KPIs;
  • choosing a web analytics tool;
  • implementation of metrics for demanding analytics;
  • implementation of dashboards that combine your various data sources;
  • choosing a data visualisation tool;
  • website bottleneck analysis; and
  • analyses that require more advanced data science methods.

From the web analytics tools on the market, we are especially familiar with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. We know the opportunities of these suites like  the backs of our own hands!

KPI's and measurement


Technical analytics & tag management


Google Analytics 4


Google Analytics 360



Which questions can analytics answer?

Web analytics can provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is happening on my website? What is working and what is not?
  • What kinds of marketing communications activities will yield the best results? What would the ROI of any given measure be?
  • Which channels generate the most conversions (e.g. contacts or sales)?
  • How could I improve my website or marketing even further?

Our analysis services can help you with the following questions:

  • How does the website work from the user's perspective? Where does the site serve visitors or a specific visitor persona well, and where is it less successful?
  • What products or services are typically bought together? How could we use this information in the development of our online shop and advertising?
  • What do visitors do before conversion? What sources of traffic are prevalent in the conversion paths? What content is typically viewed during visits that precede conversion?
  • What customer segments can be identified on the website based on behaviour and attitudes or brick-and-mortar transactions?
  • How could I predict the development of my online business?

KPIs and measurement

Do you know how effective your digital marketing efforts and your website are in terms of achieving business and marketing objectives? How can this even be measured? Correctly set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help you to monitor performance and support your companys development towards its objectives. 

KPIs answer the perpetual question: Are my marketing efforts benefitting my business? KPIs help you to understand the connection between your main business objectives and practical marketing activities. 

Well-defined KPIs allow the marketing team to report on its activities in the language of business. This makes reporting, especially to company management, much more convincing. Moreover, KPIs can provide your marketing team with objectives that are easy to monitor and develop. As the saying goes, you get what you measure.

However, large bodies of data and complex business structures can make it difficult to determine what the correct indicators should be. Qurus experienced consultants will help you choose the indicators that spur the growth of your company and produce useful reports and data views that support data-led business and marketing in practice. 

Technical analytics and tag management

Tag management tools play an essential role in the implementation of site metrics today. But they are also crucial when installing Google tools or social media pixels on your website, as well as in the practical implementation of cookie management. 

Quru has extensive and broad-based experience in tag management and the implementation of demanding metrics in various contexts. We can help you with all of your needs related to tag management and the technical installation of analytics. 

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of the worlds most popular analytics tool that offers even better reporting, new analytics features and AI-powered insights. As pioneers in using Google Analytics 4 in Finland, we have been the first to implement the tools latest features, such as e-commerce measurement and AI modelling.  

We will assist you with Google Analytics 4 designing, reporting and training as well as integrating GA4 with an older version of Google Analytics. 



Google Analytics 360

GA360 is a paid version of Google Analytics designed for heavy-duty analytics. GA360 is a particularly good fit if:

  • the site sees a lot of traffic;
  • you want precise results on the results of targeted campaigns;
  • the modified variables and metrics of the free version are not sufficient for your measurement and analysis needs; or
  • if you want to tap into the opportunities offered by Google Big Query and export analytics data to Google Cloud, Azure or an AWS platform for processing and analysis.


Do you need help with GA360? Quru is here to help. As a matter of fact, Quru is the first GA360 retailer in Finland!

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