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SHIFT Business Festival
18.8.2021 16:071 min read

Quru participates in SHIFT Business Festival 25.-26.8.2021

SHIFT Business Festival


Redefine the next normal 

Location: Hotel Kakola in the City of Turku, Finland & virtually


Welcome to Quru’s booth at SHIFT to discuss about how you can do better business in digital channels!
Score-based sales helps you to focus your B2B sales efforts and remarketing to gain more results. You can book a short meeting from our booth to find out how to calculate these scores in your business.

SHIFT brings together change-oriented industry leaders, tech innovators, and investors. The 2-day business festival calls you to define what the future brings for your business, but also to redefine how your business can impact the future.

For two days in August, SHIFT Business Festival turns the City of Turku into the Nordic epicenter of technology, insight, and co-creation of future business. Network with like-minded individuals, take part in matchmaking, and get inspired by the stage program. SHIFT stimulates you to use your newly achieved knowledge and internalize it before you leave the festival grounds.

In 2021, SHIFT presents three main program tracks: AI & Digital Trust, Food Tech, and Circular Economy. These topics are at the center of redefining the next normal, which will determine how business is conducted in the future.

See you at SHIFT! 

SHIFT Business Festival 2021: