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Essi Schrey7.10.2020 13:412 min read

How my experience was as a Quru’s Digital Marketing Intern? – Essi Schrey

My name is Essi Schrey and I’ve been working as a digital marketing intern at Quru during the past few months. In this blog post, I am going to write about the things I got to do and about my overall experience in this position.

What was I doing during my internship?

I did my internship remotely as I am living and studying in the UK. Therefore, at the beginning of my internship, I primarily focused on studying the basics of digital and social marketing which helped me to get Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications. After that, I was able to start working on different tasks. I was mainly responsible for helping with Quru’s social media marketing which allowed me to get familiar with different types of online marketing tools such as Hubspot and WordPress. On top of that, I also had an opportunity to take part in planning an SEM campaign for one of Quru’s clients by conducting keyword research and creating ad campaigns by using the GoogleAds. 

I’ve gained more professional self-confidence

My internship at Quru has definitely reinforced my passion for Digital Marketing. It has ensured me that this is something that I want to do. I was able to gather a lot of knowledge from the training platforms available, but the hands-on approach that I got to experience has been invaluable. However, if I must mention one thing that I think has been the most beneficial for me, it would be the professional confidence that I have gained during my time at Quru. This is because of all the responsibility and trust that I was given. I was able to bring in and conduct my own social marketing ideas and my opinions were always valued.

Why my experience has been so great?

Working as a trainee at Quru has been an awesome experience in every possible way. I feel extremely grateful for the experience and all the knowledge I have gained during my time there. The people at Quru made me feel welcome immediately from the beginning and I felt like I was being treated at the same level as anyone else working there. It was also amazing to notice that despite the difficulties faced in having to work remotely due to the Coronavirus, I was always able to ask for help without feeling that I was bothering anyone. My colleagues were kind, friendly and always more than happy to help. One thing that I also noticed was that everyone at Quru is very supportive of each other and they all work as a team. Such a positive and encouraging environment has really motivated me to progress. That being said, I can strongly recommend Quru as a company to conduct your digital marketing internship.

Lastly, I want to thank the Quru team one more time for the experience I had while working with them. I wish you all, all the best!

Essi Schrey