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Are You Ready For Google Analytics 4?

Take the most out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation version of Google Analytics and Quru is here to help you and your company take full advantage of what's next!

We offer a 4 phases approach for your digital transformation journey! Select the phases that suite your needs or take the full bundle offer. The choice is yours.

Digital Measurement Plan and Implementation Roadmap

Quru helps you with identifying and mapping out your business requirements and KPIs to GA4. We create a roadmap for your organization to implement, use and onboard!


GA4 Implementation

You've mapped out what's most important for your business to track. Quru does the heavy lifting and setups up GA4.


Data Visualization Dashboards

Need help visualizing your reports? Quru has you covered. Our data experts take your KPI set and create tailored made dashboards to feed your business needs.


GA4 Onboarding and Trainings

You have GA4 setup and ready to roll. Now it's time to upskill your staff on the latest features and reports in GA4. Quru designs trainings for your specific teams day to day needs.



Digital Measurement Plan and Implementation Roadmap

Before setting out to implement GA4, it's important to take stock of your company's objectives and targets and how they translate to your digital properties. Why does your website exist for example?

We guide companies through a series of interviews and workshops in order to collect and clarify their data and analytics goals and needs. We help with defining key performance indicators and metrics and how they will be tracked and reported in GA4.
We also see this phase as a good opportunity for cleaning up and making clearer your measurement strategy.

The outcome is a digital measurement plan and implementation roadmap for GA4.


GA4 Implementation

Once your digital measurement plan is finalized, the next phase is to implement.
Our seasoned technical experts do the heavy lifting with implementing and configuring via your tag management system and GA4.

Quru validates data capture and collection. We take into account data collection according to user consent and privacy rules. We work alongside you and your partners to implement your digital measurement plan and validate that analytics data is flowing correctly.
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Data Visualization Dashboards

A must have for data driven organization, data visualization is a key aspect. We combine online and offline data sources.
We build data visualization dashboards that are made to be easy to understand and quick to formulate insights to how your business is performing and equally important, what to do next!
Our team works with you on creating customized dashboards for the different levels / concentration teams across your organization.
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GA4 Onboarding and Trainings

our organization has made a big investment in selecting GA4 as its' analytics platform. The next step is to empower your team to take full advantage of the newest technologies GA4 has to offer.

We help train your staff to understand how GA4 works and how to utilize it for everyday use. We offer different options of trainings depending on your needs - from basic training to advance training - always with tailored content and with your own tools and data sources.

Basic training starts from the principles of what web analytics is and how web analytics tools work and collect data, whereas an advanced training might focus for example on campaign analytics, e-commerce, attribution analysis, data visualization tools, web analytics tool admin features or tag management.

We can also look at shopping baskets at the customer level, focusing on what kinds of products or service combinations different customer groups have bought on different occasions in a certain period. The results of a market basket analysis can be used to develop your online shop targeting and marketing efforts.


GA4 Start Pack Pricing

Reach out to us for a conversation so we can better understand your needs and then tailor you an offer.


Do you want to make better use of digital channels to improve your business performance?

Contact us and we will tell you how we can help in improving your sales and marketing!



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