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Sigge Pohja25.9.2020 13:171 min read

Quru accelerates the growth of digital business. Risto Tattari the new CEO of Quru Oy as of 1.10.2020.

Quru, Part of Salomaa Group, is entering a new phase of growth and development. The goal is to develop a wide range of services to accelerate customers’ business through digital channels. Risto Tattari, CTO of Salomaa Group, has been appointed as the new CEO of Quru Oy to lead the transformation work.

– The digital business environment is now evolving really fast and this offers a lot of new opportunities. We want to help our customers take advantage of the situation  and at the same time accelerate the growth of Quru sustainably and profitably. This requires a comprehensive understanding of digital business and larger scale service offering, says Antti Kärävä, CEO of Salomaa Group.

Risto Tattari has been appointed as the new CEO of Quru Oy as of October 1, 2020. He will leave the position of CTO of Salomaa Group. Tattari has extensive experience in managing international business, consulting and software business, as well as technology partners and suppliers, e.g. in management positions at Futurice, Microsoft and Nokia.

– Risto brings in a strong knowledge, experience and insight into customer needs in the digital environment. Under Risto’s leadership, Quru is now being accelerated and determined to enter a new phase of growth and development, says Antti Kärävä.

– Quru has in-depth expertise in analytics and digital marketing. Together with Quru’s experts, we will further develop our understanding of digital business and broader our service packages that are relevant to our customers, says Risto Tattari, Quru’s future CEO.

Quru’s current CEO Mira Mäkiranta will move on to new challenges

– Mira has done a great job in sustaining and developing Quru’s substance expertise and culture. She´s also been in key role in building strong collaboration and shared spirit across Quru’s teams in Helsinki and Turku. Now we have one unified Quru ready for a new fascinating period of development, praises Kärävä.

More information:

Antti Kärävä, 0500 901 901,, CEO, Salomaa Yhtiöt Oy
Risto Tattari, 050 349 9663,, 1.10. from CEO, Quru Oy