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Quru20.3.2020 12:563 min read

How to make your remote period memorable?

For many risk groups and companies this corona situation is a disaster. Isolation can be difficult to handle for anyone, so better to concentrate on positive vibes. First, it’s for your best and only temporary. You’re going to see your lovely colleagues very soon! It’s also a perfect timing for trying stuff you have never dare to do.

As the principle for the next couple of weeks will be to avoid speaking to people that are not “very very” closed to you, let’s be creative!


  1. You have always dreamt of having a red hair

Then instead of running for Toilet paper shopping, just go smoothly in the next alley and buy one “homemade coloration”. And give it a try!

It’s also a perfect timing for starting the “no poo no shampoo” method (especially if we must be several weeks inside!).

Kid’s option: She prefer pink or blue, I get it, but same process can apply. Who cares seriously? But please inform grandpa and grandma before the weekly Skype call. (Or clients, if you try the same colour.)

If your dream was to be a chef, I would suggest saving it for later. In a period where it might be a little tricky to get all your ingredients for a cheap price, I would not advise you to try, fail and drop food cause it’s barely eatable.

Let’s be reasonable and keep that dream for later. I agree that you must cook your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, but still.

Kid’s option: bake cookies! It’s quite hard to fail here, and you can do any kind of shape you want, so even suitable from 1 year old and more (for more than 5 years, ask to shape “Elsa from Frozen” for the little one, one hour free guarantee).

But again, keep it to your usual level of competences. No need to impress guests: it’s going to be the same faces for the next coming weeks.


  1. Activity at work has slow down and you’re worried to be bored.

Lucky you! It’s important to keep wheels rolling, but if your workload has slowed down you then have plenty of time for those online trainings that you were considering for a long time with no time to focus on. (NB! Quru will also provide trainings online in the coming weeks!)

And please use your extra hours. No need to stare at an empty Outlook inbox for hours.

Plus, a lot of big conferences will be online this year so you can attend to them for free.

Kid’s option: If you also have to take care of your kids at home with you, then go with podcast/audio option, learning a language with them or drawing technics. Surely you will find a way to have fun and improve your skills by being more creative, more open-mind.

I heard rumours about red paper plane having soon a full English version!

Another option is to get an extra pair of Legos boxes, that will give you extra time to complete things on your own!


  1. Be a little early for Spring cleaning.

As Cuckoo Workout has reminded us last week:

And as a plus: keep that habit also for the office! This way you will never again see discussion (argument) about who forgot to put is mug in the dishwasher 🙂

Kid’s option: cleaning the entire kid’s room could be at least 2 days of work, especially if you let them find back the old toys that they forgot about and then play with for 2hours!

Finally, don’t forget one core point: take care of yourself and your beloved ones. Cherish those precious moments and that opportunity to slow down. And think to the future: what about when returning at the office? What new things or skills have you learned that you can use at work? Do you appreciate your colleague more than ever? Will you feel confident to hug them all or keep your distance for a while?