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Kalle Heinonen16.10.2019 12:501 min read

12 Shopping cart abandonment targeting tactics

This is the third of the posts in the series discussing the shopping cart abandonment recovery. In this post we are showing you with some examples of how to leverage web analytics data to segment and target users on the site and via email and sms.

You can also utilise data to create advanced statistical wisdom about your customers’ buying behaviour such as Market Basket Analysis, Forecasting, Clustering & Segmentation of customers.

Below is a list of tactics to be used in targeting.

  • Set up segments for each abandon step
  • Test targeted recover cart email for each step
  • Include targeted emails with incentives
  • Include targeted emails with surveys
  • Target return visits with a special messaging: “Welcome back.”
  • Target outside funnel navigations: “express shipping only today”
  • Target specific carts: “based on SKU and margin”
  • Target up-selling based on segments
  • Target bundles, use market basket analysis to find out products that sell together.
  • Target based on demographics: title, age and gender
  • Target based on geo data: country, city and postcode
  • Target high margin carts: More support or freebies.

Now these were the 12 tips we wanted to share with you this week. We recommend you to read the two other shopping cart abandonment posts and 

If you like the above tips, please share with us your tricks and wisdom. 🙂