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Case Martinex

Online store marketing


Martinex Oy


Marketing plan, implementation and optimisation of a new online store


Setting up an ad account; installing online store analytics; SEO; search, display and shopping advertising and dynamic remarketing


Sales +363%
ROAS 2901% meaning that every euro invested gave a yield of 29 euro 

Digital advertising accelerated the growth of Martinex's e-commerce with a 2901% ROAS

Martinex designs, manufactures and sells beautiful and functional products that make our everyday lives more comfortable, easy and fun. Their offering includes gifts, household goods, toys, games and textiles. 

Martinex had previously sold its products mainly through retailers and wanted to set up its own online shop for selling directly to consumers.  


So they launched an online shop in 2016 and asked Quru for help with its marketing.  

Martinex aimed at achieving consistent annual growth in online sales with profitable marketing measures. They wanted their advertising to achieve results, build awareness, establish lasting customer relationships and build a loyal customer base. 

Accurate analytics and progressive marketing optimisation were the keys to success

Quru’s team got to develop Martinex's online shop from the ground up. We started with the basics, such as setting up an ad account and configuring the online shop's monitoring. The team looked at the technical aspects of the online shop from the perspective of search engine optimisation and gave recommendations for improving organic search results (SEO audit). 

Our cooperation began with Martinex’s Finnish online shop in 2016, but the company branched out into international e-commerce a year later. Further down the line, the team also took over the management of Martinex’s Finnish and international online shops for its Aarikka brand. Quru is thus responsible for the advertising of four Martinex online shops at the moment. 

We do search, display and shopping ads in Google and search advertising in Bing. Dynamic remarketing is implemented with Criteo. Campaigns are planned to cater to the highly seasonal nature of e-commerce by focusing on seasonal volume spikes.  

Buoyant growth and brand-loyal customers

Martinex's cooperation with Quru has yielded fantastic results. Each year has topped the last by a clear margin in all indicators.  

  • 3 year sales +363%
  • 3 year ROAS +442%
  • Martinex's ROAS in Google was 2901% in 2020, meaning that every euro invested gave a yield of 29 euro 

Advertising the online shop has made the Martinex brand a household name, customers are happy, and the company’s repurchase ratio is great. 

Customer's comment

"We have been very pleased with the professional, active and proactive Quru team. Growth opportunities are constantly being sought through development and testing - and we have achieved great results. I can warmly recommend Quru as a growth partner!"

Jasmina Mero, E-Commerce Manager / Martinex Oy

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