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Case Dava Foods

Kultamuna's digital marketing

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Raising Kultamuna brand awareness through effective digital marketing.
Defining targets and indicators, website analytics installation, data visualization, SEO, search, display and discovery advertising and social media and Youtube advertising

The number of visitors to the website has increased more than 11 times and Kultamuna ranks high in Google search results for relevant keywords. Commitment to site content has grown and visitors are spending more time on the site.

Kultamuna on the consumer's plate through effective digital marketing

DAVA Foods Finland Oy is Finland's leading egg company whose best-known products are Kultamuna-eggs. In addition to these the company sells a wide range of egg products to, for example, professional kitchens and industry, as well as supplies for poultry production. Also they sell high-quality rapeseed oils.

The challenge was that digital marketing was not systematically used to develop the Kultamuna brand and sales. The aim was to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing. The goal was to raise Kultamuna brand awareness and brand development even further. Also the need was to increase the number of users of  Kultamuna by taking advantage of digital platforms.

Well defined goals and metrics, careful SEO as well as data-driven advertising as a recipe for success

Kultamuna was implementing an extensive brand reform, in which brand promise and packaging were key topics. 

The time to start cooperation was perfect when digital marketing was able to be comprehensively integrated into the rest of the marketing. The collaboration with Quru started with defining digital marketing goals based on business goals and metrics. A new website was also coming to Kultamuna where Quru helped with SEO and analytics installation.

The message of delicacy healthiness and responsibility reached the target group of Kultamuna through various means of digital marketing: recipes and other video content has been utilized in social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram) and in Youtube advertising. An additional objective of the brand reform was to increase brand awareness via Google’s search engine advertising and other Google advertising channels, e.g., display and discovery. 


For Kultamuna has also been done search term optimization (e.g. content SEO) and a visual dashboard has been built to facilitate the interpretation of the data both for the website and advertising data. This has enabled Dava Foods to continuously follow the effectiveness of marketing and the business development with help of data. Quru has also implemented its own dashboard from Kultamuna's sales data, which can be used monitor sales and their development e.g. by product and product group. 

Cooperation has started in 2019 and it has been developed ever since.

Brilliant results with continuous development

The results of the cooperation between Quru and Dava Foods has been excellent. During our cooperation the number of visitors to the  Kultamuna website has  steadily increased with the development of digital marketing. Since fall 2019 the growth has been more than 11 times.


About the other results, today Kultamuna ranks at the top of Google search results with relevant keywords. Commitment to site content has also increased and visitors are spending more time on the site.


Customer's comment

”Working with Quru team has been rewarding and nice. We have taken Kultamuna's marketing into a new level and the tracking tool facilitates further development"

Katriina Virtanen, Marketing Manager / Dava Foods Finland Oy 

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