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Case MacPeople

E-commerce boosts with digital advertising


MacPeople Oy / 1Store / 

Increase e-commerce traffic with effective optimized advertising and campaigning.
Building Google Ad's and Analytics accounts, search, display, and Discovery advertising and campaigning.

The amount of conversions and conversion rates have increased by up to 2000 % with good campaigns and ongoing advertising.


Digital Advertising boosted MacPeople's website conversions by 2000 %.

MacPeople Oy is Finland's biggest authorized reseller spelizing in Apple products. MacPeople serves both consumers and business customers. MacPeople offers products to customers through their brick and mortar stores, 1Store, and via online shops, and (for B2B customers.)

MacPeople realized they needed help leveraging digital marketing in their business and measuring results to make marketing more effective.

The goal was to use advertising and campaigns to increase relevant traffic to the websites and thereby  increase sales. Data and Analytics were utilized in supporting advertising e.g. effective targeting and finding potential customers.

MacPeople increased online store conversions with rich digital advertising

Quru's team started off with building Google Ads account and campaigns and put the website tracking in order. 1Store's first campaign was an effective Christmas campaign, which was made in Google Ads. In that campaign, Quru utilized display and search term advertising. 



Very soon after the succesful Christmas campaign, MacPeople's website advertising started. The campaign efficiently utilized different types of advertising, such as search term, display and discovery channels. The campaign also consisted of other platforms in use, like  LinkedIn and Youtube. In addition to the mentioned campaign activities, Quru also optimized MacPeople's cookie management and reviewed MacPeople’s organic search engine performance. 






Brilliant results with easy-going cooperation

The results of the cooperation between MacPeople and Quru have been excellent and the results have been constantly evolving.

  • Over the past year and a half, MacPeople's conversion rate has increased by 2653% and the number of conversions by 312%
  • And over tha past six months, MacPeople's conversion rate has risen 892 % from the previous six months and the number of conversions has rise 134%
  • 1Store's traffic has increased by 55%, sales (transaction) bu 242%, conversion rate by 123% and total revenue by 387%
  • 1Store's advertising shows a 1094% increase in number of conversions and a 201% increase in conversion rate
  • In addition the bounce  rate has decreased and the number of pages visited per session has increased
Customer's comment

’’The collaboration with Quru has worked really well and we have been very pleased with the positive, hands-on attitude of the team. Through the collaboration we have seen a clear increase in conversions as well as further enhanced digital marketing. Nothing better than doing things together with professionals!’’

Karri Uosukainen, Digital Marketing Manager / MacPeople Oy

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