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Quru13.11.2018 16:581 min read

Quru’s Client Event 2018

4 key learnings from our client event

We were happy to organise our annual client event last week, a little highlight during the darkest November. Thanks for all of you who joined! 

The presented topics covered a dive into the upcoming trends in digital marketing and analytics, data-driven marketing, next level audiences as well as concrete examples of utilising Google Data Studio in marketing. Here are four key takeaways from the presentations.

1 – Marketing is continuous optimisation and success follows hard work. Janne Toivoniemi presented Rovio’s framework of discovery, execution and analysis for doing data-driven marketing.  – Did you know that Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52. game?

2 – Customer behaviour and expectations are constantly evolving, so testing new tools and finding the best ones to use can give a great advantage for a brand. Quru’s Mirkka Tajakka presented digital trends to follow closely at the moment: voice search, visual search and predictive analytics.

“What’s the point in predictive analytics?”, asked Senior Web Analyst Mirkka Tajakka. “People want to know, not only what has happened before but also what’s likely to happen in future.” 

3 – Reporting should be made as simple as possible, to make it easier to follow your key metrics and do actions based on the data throughout the organisation. -Don’t add too much data to your dashboards, encouraged Valio’s Tomas Saarnisto and Pekka Rantamoijanen.

4 – Right now, there’s very much potential in data-driven marketing for brands. According to Google, only 2 % of brands are realising the full potential of data-driven marketing strategies.

The atmosphere was pretty inspiring, and we are already looking forward to the next year’s event!