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Why a Local Strategy is Key for Increasing Online Search and Engagement?

From Data with Love webinar with Uberall

Why a Local Strategy Is Key for Increasing Online Search and Engagement in 2021?

Welcome to follow Quru’s From data with love webinar series! We are honored to have Product Marketing Insights Lead,  Brad Fagan from Uberall as a guest for this webinar session. The webinar is hosted by Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Henry Morales from Quru.

The presentation covers all of Uberall’s top data discoveries from 2020, providing insights to help you to understand the value of location marketing platforms, and to use these insights to create a successful strategy to maximise visibility and conversions for clients in 2021.

The webinar focuses on the following themes:

  • Why the age of ‘Near Me’ is here to stay
  • Why multi-location businesses need to think local?
  • How do consumers find businesses locally?
  • What COVID-19 taught us about consumer engagement
  • How to increase global visibility and engagement with a local focus
  • Creating a ‘Near Me’ brand experience

The webinar was recorded on Wednesday 27.1.2021


Brad Fagan

Product Marketing Insights Lead @Uberall

Brad Fagan is a Market insights expert at Uberall. He wrote Uberall’s foundational report on Branded vs Unbranded Search last year and loves to dive deep into data to find out what makes consumers tick. He is also a keen evangelist on the power of location marketing strategies and harnessing reviews to increase consumer engagement.


Henry Morales

Director Of Strategic Partnerships @Quru

Henry has more than 10 years of experience in web analytics. He has been working on succession of roles and positions of responsibility in the area of ​​digital marketing such as search engine marketing, display marketing, conversion optimization, social media marketing, Tag Management as well as a number of analytics tools and testing activities. He has helped dozens of companies digitize their business and make significant changes to their business models. He is also international speaker at various corporate events.

13 years in the industry
1000 successful projects
200 satisfied customers