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Pirjo Turunen

Senior Web Analyst
  • +358 44 3071976

    Olen lähes jokaisella osa-alueella suhaava yleiskonsultti, ”analytiikan yleisnais-Jantunen”, jollaisena usein esittelen itseni. Innostun siitä, kun saan koota yrityksen tavoitteiden, verkkonäkyvyyden, asiakasymmärryksen ja verkkosivuston toimivuuden palapeliä, jonka lopputuloksena on kerättävästä datasta koottu helposti ymmärrettävä ja käytettävä datavisualisointi. Tavoitteenani onkin, että saan yhdessä asiakkaideni kanssa koottua data-palapelin, jota on helppo tulkita ja käyttää, niin työn kuin strategisen suunnittelunkin tukena. Hukkaanhan se hyvä data menee, jos sitä ei käytetä saati ymmärretä!


  • Analytiikka 
  • Analyysit & tutkimukset 
  • Business Development 
  • Datan visualisointi 
  • Hakukoneoptimointi (SEO) 
  • Hakukonemarkkinointi (SEM) 
  • Konversio-optimointi ja testaus


Pirjon haastattelu

How did you end up at Quru?

I was in a bar with some former and, at the time, current colleagues. One of the former colleagues was working as an account director for SEK. I was a digital planner at the time, basically doing the same thing I am doing now, with the exception that I was doing social media campaign planning as well, and everything that has to do with media and analytics. She thought I should apply to Quru. I knew Quru because I had been at a Google Analytics Certificate training by Quru. So, of course I had been checking out Quru’s blog posts and using all the cool ideas. So, I just sent an open application a few weeks after, got a reply the same day to have a chat, and a month or so later I found myself at Quru.


What is your most recent discovery about your work?

What is cool about my work is that I learn something new almost every day. Bits and pieces here and there. How to tag better, cool perks on data visualization, and small discoveries every day. There is constant learning, which is something that keeps me interested.


What is the most challenging thing about your work?

Finding what the key thing for the client’s business is. I think that is the most difficult part. Sometimes it is very difficult to find out how to make the clients see their own data, how they can find use for it in their business and how to help with that. It is also the key thing in my perspective, to help them improve their business and finding what the thing is that makes the particular client succeed. It is the most challenging thing, but also, it is the most rewarding thing. It is good to see the client realizing they can use it and seeing them actually use the information that was given to them.


What new is happening in your field?

There are a lot of new things constantly coming. The tool I have been using the most frequently at the moment is Google Data Studio and there has been a lot of new improvements happening on that particular tool. If we put the tools aside and think about the overall field and how things are moving forward now, we see that everybody has data and almost everybody is using analytics. They might even build themselves a reporting system depending on the level of the company. So, the basics are there, but now it is viewed from the business side. How to use the data to improve the business? It is not really a new thing, but that mindset is moving forward.

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How has the industry changed during your career?

It has actually changed a lot. I started in the industry in 2015. Of course, people knew about analytics. Google Analytics was there, but Google Tag Manager was not widely used. The attitude in the industry seemed a lot more like “data kills creativity”, so the question was “what do we use the data for?”. That mindset has already changed, and people have started getting more curious. There was this old-school copywriter who came to me and asked if we could see from the data how his campaign did, what did the client get from the work? The mindset of the people who are doing the digital marketing has changed. Of course, the tools have been developing drastically. After Data Studio was released, people’s drive on knowing more has changed. You do not only have your website data, but all the other data sources as well, and you can combine those and use all that information together. I have definitely seen changes in these last few years.


What is the most relevant thing about your expertise?

My skill set is wide, and I do not think there is one thing that is the most relevant part because I combine all of those areas of expertise. If I have to pinpoint it to one, maybe it would be the curiosity, the willingness to learn new stuff and digging out information.

If you could only choose one application/program for your job, what would it be?

Just choosing Data Studio would be completely useless without Chrome or data sources. So, let us assume that Data Studio comes with Google Chrome.


What is the best thing about working at Quru?

Cool people. I like the atmosphere, it is very relaxed, no uptightness. The fact that I get to challenge myself in a good way almost every day. Learning new things, not necessarily big things, but small things giving me aha moments. Previously it was mostly just me, but now I have all these other people who know lots of stuff as well.


What have you been doing lately?

Tagging and dashboards, and some trainings as well. Those are the latest things on my desk.